Time To Thrive

Sustainable Health Care

BodyTalk is sustainable health care based on a new paradigm for health: unity. We do not treat symptoms separately nor do we diagnose. Instead, BodyTalk gets to the root of the problem. Why are you not thriving? Why are you in pain? Why are your relationships difficult? How can you connect deeply to your self and your purpose here? These questions get addressed on the BodyTalk table.

Getting To The Root

Getting to the root of an issue is the key to thriving. We are no longer interested in simply surviving our symptoms. Not just wanting symptoms to go away is the strength of the BodyTalk system. The goal is loving what is. Accepting our situations and releasing the burden of trying so hard to heal.

During a session, BodyTalk explores every possible co-relative: biology, previous injuries that didn’t heal, emotional factors, bioenergetic factors (meridians, chakras), diet, microbial relations, career factors, neural pathways, genetics, toxins, structural, inherited, family dynamics, trauma, circumstantial, planetary and sociological.

How do we seek out the root?

We ask the body and we look at science.


Science Says

Infectious disease has declined: in the past, measles, mumps, tuberculosis were what we had to address.

Yet, today, a new set of conditions are skyrocketing at the same rate as infectious diseases are declining. 

Modern diseases such as asthma, allergies, food intolerances, and auto immune diseases need attention. Our immune systems are compromised.

So what has destabilized our immune systems?

Our immune cells are not doing their job. Why?


Immune systems are regarding neutral substances as dangerous, putting the body into an inflammatory, reactive state.

New tools come along in science and when we apply these tools to old questions, we get new results. BodyTalk uses science as soon as it appears.

For example, the Human Microbiome Project: Science looked at the microbiome and fished them out by their DNA. It catalogued these microbes. We have an entirely new view of the human body.

We don’t look at the microbes as deadly germs anymore. We need to stop killing the microbes with antibiotics, cleansers, anti-bacterial products, etc.

Our bodies are not only human cells. We are mostly microorganisms. Trillions. Outnumber the human cells by at least a factor of 10. They are friends with benefits.

Clearly, for health to stabilize, we cannot simply treat the human cells. We need the entire picture. 10 microbe cells to 1 human cells. Let’s do this!

We could not live without them, yet we have tried to annihilate them over the last 200 years

The biological reality that we are vessels to a vast microbial ecosystem is radically altering our basic understanding of medicine, nutrition, public health, and the very scientific foundation of what makes us sick. –  Jeff Leach, Honor They Symbionts

5 Fun Facts

1. A healthy microbiome is a healthy you.
2. A healthy microbiome means a balanced immune system.
3. Your microbiome is essential for digestion.
4. Gut microbes influence the functioning of the brain and the emotional state.
5. Microbiome affects weight. It determines whether you are overweight or lean.

They influence what we crave to eat. If you are craving carbs, it reflects what the microbes need. They repair our intestinal lining. They tune the inflammation in the digestive tract and the entire body into anti-inflammatory state. They lower inflammation.

How does THE MICROBIOME influence our brain?

The microbes influence your response to stress, whether it is foggy in the head, or clear, the depth of sleep and memory. They activate key neurotransmitters. Dopamine, serotonin and noreprneprhin are all activated by microorganisms.  Health of inner ecosystem in the gut is crucial for overall health.

The most important system influenced by the state of the microbiome is the immune system. There are two aspects of this system:

1. Our warriors who fight off infections.
2. Our peacekeepers / regulatory arm are the off switch for the warriors. Warriors inflame to control invasions and threats.
Peacekeepers make anti-inflammatory chemicals.

Happy Microbiome, Happy Life

Nice healthy, happy microbiome, with a good biodiversity keeps the balance above.

Clearly, our microbiomes have been depleted and deforested and we are under a lot of stress.

We end up with a strong warrior arm but a diminished peacekeeper force.

The Tipping Point

In our health, our immune system gets tipped toward over-reaction to inflammatory diseases such as allergic reactions, asthma, and auto immune diseases.

We get our diversity at birth via the vagina. Breast feeding. Everything the baby touches or those who touch the baby contribute to a robust microbiome.

What has gone on for the past 60 to 100 years is the destruction of the microbiome.

What is behind the spike of modern diseases: allergies, asthma, autism, metabolic diseases are the Microbiome Disruptors:


  1. Modern Diet
  2. Overuse of Antibiotics
  3. Rising Incidence of C-Sections
  4. Hyper-Clean Sanitized
  5. Stress

Due to the extensive research of BodyTalk practitioner and molecular biologist, Dr. Laura Stuve, we can now work on the microbiome with BodyTalk.

To thrive means using the best science in the most practical, cost-effective way with no side effects. That is the system called BodyTalk.