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  • Satisfy 65% of your health needs.
  • Imagine 65% fewer calls to the doctor…
  • Imagine 65% fewer people in line in Emergency…
  • Imagine 65 times you don’t have to take your child to the doctor…

Imagine the savings to our health care system! Ready to learn? Get in touch!

This powerful version of the Body Talk System is designed to provide Access to the key benefits of BodyTalk to as many people as possible.


  • Designed for the layperson, family and professional community
  • Stimulates the body’s own ability to heal itself
  • Provided simple energy-based techniques to promote health maintenance and management of daily health challenges
  • Used to assist in restoring mental focus, boosting the immune system, improving posture and incredible in first-aid situations.

Access is offered to you in a convenient one day workshop, which includes:


  • A manual for easy and quick reference
  • Hands-on instruction offering powerful and beneficial techniques
  • All the information required to get you started in making a difference



Helping to Develop Canada’s HealthCare System

With an aging population and a medical system stretched to the limit, Canada is experiencing increased interest in alternative medicine and holistic health. Systems like ‘Bodytalk’ are used by people who want to take a proactive approach to health care. Bodytalk is a new form of therapy that encourages the body to heal itself.

The physician needed most is within self.” – Edgar Cayce

Jollean Sandwell, one of Canada’s first practitioners, says the technique saved her from a life of chronic pain. “I fell and really hurt my backside,” says Sandwell. “40 years plus of going to all kinds of chiropractors, acupuncturists and faith healers. I did them all. Nothing helped until BodyTalk.”

By using touch, practitioners try to get the body into balance, which encourages it to fight pain and disease. BodyTalk practitioners say it isn’t supposed to replace mainstream medicine, it simply gives people an alternative and encourages them to take more responsibility for their own health.

Improve First Aid with BodyTalk’s Fast Aid Techniques – Taught as Part of our BodyTalk Access Class

Fast Aid Story #1

I was teaching an Obedience in the Bush class for dogs. A Golden Retriever was barreling through the bush as only Goldens can. It ran into another dog and was screaming and writhing on the ground. When I got there, I could tell he had really injured his hip. First Aid to the rescue! Within 20 minutes, the Golden was up and ‘barreling’ again. Result – the vet taking my class is now a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner! Oh yeah, and it wasn’t even her dog, he was somewhere else peeing on a tree. Boy, I love this stuff!

Loesje | CBP, CBI Trainee
Armstrong, BC

Fast Aid Story #2

My story starts in Brisbane where I was attending mod 4/7 with Sylvia. I was awake early on the first morning and went for a exercise fast walk. I did not see the irregularity in the pavement and caught my toe diving full length on to concrete. I turned my head to the side so as not to break my teeth and broke my spectacle lens instead. This in turn cut my eyebrow. As soon as I got to my feet I tapped my cortices, and on my way back to my motel tapped the eyebrow and the bleeding had almost stopped.

I went to my room to clean up and tapped out all the reciprocals around the area, cortices again then went to the medical centre where the doctor put three stitches in it. From there I went on to the course and each day did access procedures so when I arrived back in New Zealand 6 days later the swelling and bruising was gone and the stitches had been taken out on the Wednesday so there was no sign on my face except for my broken specs. I did not experience any pain and was also made aware that my Wei Qi must be strong as there was not a mark anywhere else even though I felt the scraping down my leg and on my hands.

New Zealand

Fast Aid Story #3

I received a panicked call from a parent one early morning. Her 10 year old daughter had just literally closed the car door full on her one finger. They arrived 10 mins later, I did Fast Aid, and after that 80% of the pain had disappeared!

Taryn Edge
South Africa

Fast Aid Story #4

Bee sting on hand accompanied by total hysteria of eight year old girl, my daughters friend. Sat her down and did continual fast aid, two minutes of continued hysteria, followed by two minutes of subdued sobbing, followed by two minutes of quiet, “still sore?” answer – yes, continued fast aid until “still sore?” met with “no”, and then back off to play, and no swelling, no pain and no mention of it to mum when she was dropped off – in other words, incident completely forgotten! Kia kaha, kia ora.

Tracy | CBI
New Zealand

Fast Aid Story #5

My girlfriend was just here visiting this week in Grand Cayman and one of the greatest things for visitors to do on the island is to take a boat and go out to frolic with the stingrays on a sandbar right in the middle of the Caribbean sea..

So as we go out to the Stingray Sandbar, as it is called, the old Capt. Eddie tells the tourist, “We’ve never in 12 years had a stingray use it’s spike and sting anyone.”

We floated around, took photos, held the velvety, 4-feet wide female stingrays, and when we all had had enough fun, we got back on the boat. A small circle of people were standing around a woman, early 30’s, that was crying, hyperventilating and shivering, her body in excruciating pain. She had been stung by a ray on her left big toe. I waited for some nurse or doctor to come help, then after one minute started doing fast aid on her.

It was quite a looooong 20 minute ride back to the dock, as it looked like she was going into shock. The only antidote to take the pain away is boiling water. There was none.

I did the cortices and then the toe itself, then cortices then the reciprocals. Interestingly, she had said the pain was now in her reciprocal right thumb area and moving up, just like on the toe pain that was moving up to her knee already.

The result was that her body stopped it’s dramatic shaking from the waves of pain, she stayed conscious, the pain stopped at the knee and elbow, and did not progress. The pain became bearable.

Just never know where and when you’ll be using these wonderful powerful tools we now have to work with.

Robyn Kahn-Whately | CBI

Fast Aid Story #6

My 9 year old daughter, Lauren, had her fingers caught in the door jam of a very heavy restaurant door. When I opened the door and she pulled her hand out I could see her fingers beginning to swell and 3 of her fingernails turning blue. We used the Access First Aid protocol and by the time we got home (10 minutes) she was calm and her fingernails were no longer blue. The next morning her hand was fine, no pain or swelling!

Gilly Adkins

Your Instructor:  Susan Stenson (CBP, CBI, B.Ed, M.Ed.)
Certified BodyTalk Practioner and Access Instructor


For more information, or for sessions outside the Victoria area,
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