Distance Treatments

Can’t find a BodyTalk practitioner in your area? Not a problem!

Susan does BodyTalk by phone or email. Susan acts as a surrogate during your session. The same effective BodyTalk techniques are employed. Some clients like the sessions to be live; i.e. Susan does the session live via the phone (from Johannesburg to New York City to Adelaide to Mbabne to Vancouver to Victoria—distance is not a barrier); other clients book a time and don’t want to be on the phone. Susan does the non-phone session at the requested time and emails the links to the client. Phone clients may also wish to have their links sent by email.

How to Book Appointments

These sessions are booked in the same way as Susan does her in-person sessions. Call 250-478-6008 (evenings, Pacific Standard Time) or email [email protected].

“I no longer have any doubt that distance sessions work. What came up for me during our conversation didn’t necessarily make sense to me at the time but then as the shifts occurred, I can honestly say I had the best Christmas ever. Old family dynamics didn’t bother me. I enjoyed my family exactly as they were without judgment, sadness, or regret. I simply could not be triggered. Definitely worth the hour we spent together.”


Distance BodyTalk Client

“Thank you for the distance BodyTalk session. It felt like a really big one. I’ve been sleeping for very long stretches at a time and feel that my body is processing a lot of changes. Thanks for a great session! Looking forward to more in the future.”

Jordan F.

Distance BodyTalk Client