Hear what Susan’s BodyTalk clients are saying…

On Susan

“Susan Stenson is a kind and friendly therapist. She is also very sensitive to the needs of her clients. The combination of her own personal skills and temperament, and the intuitive but precise approach of the BodyTalk technique make for deep and clear therapy sessions for me. I always feel better afterward and I leave with a new way of viewing my life issues.”

Arleen P.

BodyTalk Client


During my second pregnancy I began to have a series of strange, severe and very annoying allergy and auto immune symptoms. I had hoped that they would just go away after my son was born, but no luck. Nine months later they were still going strong, and interfering with my day to day life. I had been to many different practitioners with these symptoms, from conventional doctors telling me to just take a Benadryl a day for the rest of my life, to Chinese medicine practitioners giving me pills that tasted awful and didn’t help, to several naturopaths giving me vague and only mildly helpful (and expensive) recommendations. No one could put a finger on what was causing the problem. I was frustrated! I felt like I wanted to get to the root of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. I went looking on the internet under “allergy cure” and through a series of links I found Susan and BodyTalk, and I just had a really good feeling about it. I contacted her and she saw me right away. I had no idea what to expect during my session, but I was really excited to try something, anything that could possibly help.

The BodyTalk process let my body set the agenda of the session, with Susan as the interpreter. All of the issues and ideas that came up during the session were very relevant, some made sense right away, and others that needed some pondering made even more sense in retrospect. Susan was very caring, enthusiastic and intuitive. You can tell that she loves and believes in what she does. It has been a week since that first session and while I am reluctant to shout “I’m cured”  from the rooftops (mostly because I’m superstitious) I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my symptoms, and I seem to be getting better and better every day (knock on wood). I look forward to my next session and I have been telling everyone I meet about Susan and BodyTalk. I really believe that BodyTalk could help a lot of people out there!

Miranda A.

BodyTalk Client

Testimonial For BodyTalk

“I have worked with Susan many times over the past year and a half – in fact, our whole family has (even baby in womb before she became Sophie)! After a session, my consistent feeling is always one of relief, awe, joy, and confidence that I have done exactly the right thing. About 8 months ago, I developed a very severe case of DCV tendonitis in my left wrist (result of carrying said baby around on the same hip for too long) – the profile of my wrist looked like someone stuck a large marble on to the bone and the pain was searing – for about 6 months I could barely use my left hand. I had limited success with physio and was referred to a Sports Medicine doctor to have a steroid injection into my tendon to help get the inflammation down.

In the meantime, I was requesting a session from Susan and as an aside, I asked her to address my wrist. I got a very thorough break down of what was going on and was told to expect things to start to calm down within a week. Now, keep in mind despite being a BodyTalk devotee, I was sceptical about that timeline. There was no way the tendon would feel better in a week. Truthfully, I promptly dismissed that part of my session, thinking maybe Susan was off her game that day or something, and moved on to the rest of my session notes.

Then, exactly a week later, I noticed the swelling had gone down considerably in my wrist and the pain was diminished. I could actually swivel my thumb around – a  small thing, I know, but a huge gain for me! – for the first time in 6 months. Two weeks later my wrist was completely back to normal. I cancelled my specialist appointment. That was almost two months ago and everything is still feeling great. I can believe it and I can’t believe it all in the same moment. The beauty of BodyTalk. Thanks, Susan for accessing my pain-free body!”


Distance BodyTalk Client

A Gift

“I do believe that what you have done for Bonnie and me and countless others is a real gift. It is interesting how open one can be on your ‘couch.’ Ego needs seem to disappear…and what a blessing that is….your acceptance and intuitive understanding allow this I think.

You are an angel…”

Joellen C.

BodyTalk Client

BodyTalk Surprises & Informs

“I had always thought that I was very tuned in to my body and the messages it was giving me but the reality was that stress and emotional upheaval have taken a toll on my body. I am a surgeon’s dream patient, lots of organs regularly needing fixed.  I was definitely tuned in to where it hurt.

My Body Talk experience has been enlightening in that it has brought together the physical, spiritual and emotional elements that affect me and helped prevent all those negative medical signs to which I was so used to reacting.  The body can show things that are happening before they get out of hand and indicate how to fix them.

When I first went to see Susan I was emotional, skeptical and in the midst of big changes in my life. As I continued to see her I began to feel less emotional, more accepting and spiritually balanced in the midst of all the turmoil around me.  My body began to react less stressfully. I began to feel more in tune with my spirit and my emotions were appropriate and more controlled. I felt healthier and able to cope with the stresses life was sending my way.

I recommend Body Talk as a way to bring focus to your life and holistic   wellness to your person. We are so multi-dimensional and I found  this is a way to bring all those dimensions together for a more balanced life.”

Donna P.

BodyTalk Client

Distance BodyTalk Testimonial

“I received my first distance BodyTalk session while I barely knew about BodyTalk.

Therefore, I had absolutely no preconceived idea as to what to expect. So, on the scheduled evening, Susan called, me, right on time, and after a filling out the required form to open my file we were off for a brand new adventure for me. Very shortly after the session started, I felt the energy flowing through me, the connection was undeniably there.

We traveled through my body, cells and souvenirs… what a journey! It was right on! Susan did some programming and, on the days following the session I could really feel the changes happening!

On my second phone session, I had no agenda. I was, in fact, just returning from a very disturbing encounter and was definitely not in a receptive mood. I thought to myself, ‘Well, this is the perfect scenario for me to ‘test’ the BodyTalk session to see if it’s just my imagination or what!’

In fact, the test was very successful, and Susan, even without an agenda as to where to start, pinpointed the source of my ‘malaise’ and again, soon after the session had started I was filled with energy and totally connected with Susan (and my inner-self of course).

When I finally went to Victoria to visit my soul sister Louise last summer, I had the immense pleasure to meet Susan in person and to have a real life BodyTalk session! It was, of course, a wonderful experience. I could then compare and realized that my phone sessions were just as precise as the real life session.

The only difference is that on the real life sessions I can meet with Susan and be blessed with her wonderful smile!

Happy BodyTalk sessions to all of you!”

Ghislaine D. Martel

Distance BodyTalk Client