Preparing For Your First BodyTalk Session

New Clients: Preparing For A BodyTalk Session

Give yourself ample time to get to your appointment early. You can relax in the waiting area or on the patio or take a walk in the neighbourhood.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes made from natural fibres, if possible. Leave the wire bras and metal belts at home as they sometimes interfere with BodyTalk.

During your first visit, Susan will briefly review your health history to get an overall picture of where you are now, and record anything that might have contributed to your health profile.

Both you and Susan will lightly touch reflex points on your body, and then Susan taps on your head to stimulate the brain to correct the imbalance, and taps on the heart to permanently encode the changes in your cellular memory.

We will then go over what we did, and the changes you might experience. Plan to visit at least three times initially. Most of us are in need of a chronic stress overall. We literally need help to change habits. Habits of mind become habits of body. We are what we think.

Many clients like to come monthly or bi-monthly for maintenance sessions to ensure that communication with the body is clear and constant before waiting for symptoms to arise with an unwelcome message that something is off balance.

BodyTalk is not invasive. We do not diagnose nor prescribe. BodyTalk enhances communication within the body. By doing so, expect to experience great change.

Looking forward to meeting you,